Sundhedtjek og Heilpraktik

What is Heilpraktik?

Heilpraktik is an age old education in natural medicine, which is used largely in Germany. It is an understanding and a practice with holistic principles.  Heilpraktik means Healing Knowledge. 


Therefore as a Heilpraktioner/Nature Medic (student), I look at the whole person, hear the whole person and treat the whole person, with consideration to what the individual client has been through in life.


When you have an appointment in my clinic, we will go over all the aspects of your life. Which illnesses you've had, vaccinations and lifestyle. We will talk about your problems experienced today and in the past, and what you goals for treatment are.


In my evaluation of your health, I will make a clinical examination. 

I will also use the knowledge based on the science of homeopathy and homotoxicology (toxins for humans), irodology, (analysis of the iris) and your overall nutritional state, and together we will find the best treatment plan to get you back to your optimal balance. 

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